Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exquisite Corpse - 7 November 2009

Hi again. Jana's friend Ruth (of Ruth Writes fame) came to visit this weekend. I thought it would be interesting to write with her after a 4+ hour drive, so Jana, Ruth and I started with some Exquisite Corpses. Here they are:


Hello, friend november
an addendum to the the fairy tale
a simple melody
finish isn't an option
briskly, crisply, fondly
rummaging through the trash
smaller and smaller my steps
slowly, sweetly, fondly,
shut the door when
significance - unimportant


Wandering through the woods
silently sulking
as we watched the leaves sink through the air
an apple whisked away
wrapped in gauze and string
the sidewalk heaved with steps and leaves
endoplasmic reticulum
wicked, wicked child
happiness when I choose to have it.


Bagged up leaves that line the streets
the story rolls
a jail of gold and green
she told him, "shhh"
forever tomorrow, seldom yesterday
wearing a sheet
it came unannounced
invariably, involuntarily fighting fires
chrynacrodom magenta
she smiled, and turned

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