Monday, November 2, 2009

Theme Poems - 1 November 2009

These poems were begun with a theme, and limited to 4 words per line. Enjoy:

Theme 1: Getting Shot

I'm a bird now
going to fly to
this open space that
makes me remember when
I wasn't yet shot.
Having no holes is
such an exhilarated feeling
(not quite like flying)
flying without a ceiling
yet with those holes
I can almost see
right through my body
damn, i got shot.

Theme 2: People Falling:

Yo, watch your step
look! a banana peel!
why is everyone laughing
I lie in puke
I hope it's mine
that dude looks sick
it is definitely his
maybe something he ate.
I need a shower
or just a bath
should I stand up?
Nah, I'm too embarrassed.

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