Monday, November 2, 2009

Exquisite Corpse - 1 November 2009

Hi again! The day after Halloween, my friends Melanie and Sean helped me write some poems. We started with some Exquisite Corpse, an exercise I've found to be a good way to ease into collaborative poetry. Here they are:


The ache of erythrocytes
three dead hookers in my trunk
the glowing light
freeze and burn
47 segway pile up
and in the shadow it casts
which I like
when time is short
I'm so slow
I had none
there goes the neighborhood.


Once upon a time
fall down my skin
"Hark!" says I
without sight or sound
strings on your shoe
cranberries, strawberries, avocados
how did this happen
the free hookers
tomorrow comes today
asleep by now


Gazing into some abyss
through the darkness
nothing is held by cups
cherry-flavored acid trip
time stood still
holes are evident
sometimes I'm right, but
I tried a few times
pillows on high
happiness through the eye of the beholder
put it to the side
it never was, but I remember.

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